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Written by David Eayrs   
Sunday, 03 November 2013 18:38

Hi Aikidoka,

The later part of last year and this year have seen several changes within the Misogikan and our dojo like many others have been hit with very high increases of rent making things difficult.

At the town of Krasnogorsk the senior sensei decided to leave the Misogikan and is now affiliated to Hanshi Inoue’s organization while the bulk of the students voted to remain in the Misogikan. There are now two dojo’s operating from the same building one, our affiliate is headed by Sensei Evgenei Belitski and the dojo have been named Koseikan. I have conducted several seminars and examinations there and the standard is very high it’s always a pleasure to go there and meet these great people also in order to enhance their technique every week some of the senior ranks visit our Honbu Dojo to train with our senior ranks, we enjoy their company and wish the dojo best wishes for its continued success.

Aikido Renshinkai Instructor's Training 2013 Print E-mail

29-30 November 2013 (Friday and Saturday) at the Misogikan Honbu Dojo will host a seminar on Aikido Renshinkai Instructor's training.

December 1, 2013 (Sunday ) at the end of the seminar will be held the Aikido Renshinkai instructors certification.

We are inviting aikidokas with 1st dan black belt and above with valid Aikido Renshinkai Budo-passports.

All those who will pass the certification, regardless of their own black belt dan rank, will receive the rank of Aikido Renshinkai Instructor of the 5th Level – this means that they allowed to held the attestation exams to up the 1st kyu.

For an additional information about the seminar and the certification please contact Oksana Eayrs. Phone: +7 (926 ) 204-8855.

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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 05 April 2013 17:01

Sensey Alexander Beckshokov

Our CONGRATULATIONS to Sensei Alexander Beckshokov (5th dan) on his Birthday!

We wish you a strong health, happiness and a good luck!

Dear Sensei Alexander, Happy Birthday!

Renshinkai Misogikan Team

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Our seminar with Chida Sensei head of Renshinkai International. 19-20.05.2012 Print E-mail
Written by David Eayrs   
Tuesday, 29 May 2012 00:50


Sensei Tsutomu Chida Seminar in Moscow. 2012-05-20

We meet Chida Sensei at Sheremetyevo Airport on 17th May 2012 and this visit for the first time he travelled alone without an assistant took the Aerostar Express to the center of town and settled Sensei into our friends apartment where we enjoyed a meal and chatted about the seminar and things in general, the next day was a rest day for Sensei after his long travel from Japan.

Saturday 19th saw the first day of the seminar and both Sensei and I were delighted to see many students of Aikido from different parts of Russia including Kamchatka, Vladivostok, Saratov, Balakovо, St.Petersburg and students from other schools in Moscow.

Sensei Takashi Kushida Print E-mail

Sensei Takashi Kushida
May 2, 1935 - May 10, 2012

We are deeply saddened to report the passing of  Sensei Takashi Kushida, who died on May 10, 2012 after an extended illness.

The founder of Yoshokai Aikido, Kushida-Sensei was one of the first uchideshi of Gozo Shioda-Sensei — an original student of Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei.


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